• FULL DATA is the ideal partner for all your email marketing campaigns and for acquiring “opt-ins.”
  • is also a premium agency for videos and multi-device layouts.


    A selective and segmented database with 12 million contacts

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    Attract a volume of qualified traffic and increase your transformation rate

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    Generate qualified contacts and opt-ins which are immediately useable

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    Your video will be highlighted on the market’s most strategic locations!

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FULL DATA has all the necessary know-how in the areas of acquiring new customers and increasing their loyalty and in broadcasting videos on premium networks.

We develop solutions whose aim is to meet all your problems in an effective, pragmatic and economic way!

Your objective ?

To generate sales on your website
To collect new prospects and increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter or your club ?
To qualify your existing database ?
To generate qualified traffic on your website
To optimize the conversion of the prospective customers who subscribe to your newsletter into customers ?
To increase the turnover generated by your database
To know more about and partition your customer database ?
To optimize the performances of your newsletter and, generally speaking, your actions by email and mobile ?
To broadcast your video broadly through a quality network
To increase the recall rates of your campaigns ?
To favor interaction whilst increasing your click rate ?

FULL DATA assists and advises you and will make every effort to ensure the success of your project!

FULL DATA is a premium network of qualified data
and video locations !

Database profile


Email marketing operations

Video Network

OUR OPERATIONS are relayed
on major social networks


Speed, flexibility, reactivity

Boost your turnover thanks to ultra-targeted communication with new customers !

FULL DATA enables you to target your advertising campaigns on more than 12 million opt-in emails and multiple segmentation criteria..

We offer a complete service of integration, deliverability analysis, routing and detailed statistics.

We offer you advice on both targeting and the message in order to obtain the best return on investment.

Whatever your needs may be, we market our databases under different economic models :
Cost For a Thousand Openings (CFTO), Cost Per Sale (CPS) + Minimum Guarantee (MG), Cost Per Lead (CPL), etc….

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Your video will be highlighted on the market’s most strategic locations !

Our missions : To broadcast your video campaigns, guarantee their performances and measure the net users’ level of commitment.
We can rely on a vast network made up of media and social websites, influential blogs and applications – to broadcast your campaigns on PCs, mobiles and tablets.
Our expertise in broadcasting videos on the internet enables us to produce very solid results.
Last but not least, as we work mainly on viewed videos, you have total control over your budget.

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FULL DATA offers you pragmatic solutions for generating traffic

We control the marketing levers which generate qualified traffic towards your site.
What matters is the number of purchasers, not just the number of visitors.
We use our sense of direction to send lots of potential purchasers towards your offer.

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Collecting qualified opt-in prospective customers

FULL DATA takes up the challenge of winning over new customers thanks to effective customer acquisition levers.

Within our policy of 100% Return on Investment, we help you to collect prospective customers which have an affinity with your target and which are receptive to your commercial offer - whilst having complete control over your budget.
Co-registration; Co-partnership; Games & Competitions; Special Operations; Collecting fans

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FULL DATA has helped many brands to acquire new customers thanks to its hyper-qualified databases and its premium video network.

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Let's talk about it

  • Personalize your messages

    70%* of internet users are favorably disposed to advertising when they are targeted.
    So make your customers happy and send them content which is adapted to their needs! Your opening rate will be much higher.

    Carry out tests
    The test phase is vital when sending out marketing emails. This will enable you to gauge the performance of your campaigns and analyze database behavior. Depending on the opening rate, the click rate and the conversion rate, you will be able to take better aim and, where required, give more thought to your message. You will also be able to collect any missing information and thus increase the personalization of the next message you send.

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  • Video

    Half of all internet users declare that they have more confidence in a product after watching a video. Nevertheless, many people still don’t know how to include a video in an email. Here are a few useful tips:
    Although it is possible to include a video in an email, not all messaging assistants are able to open them. You therefore have to be a little crafty in order to offer your readers this great experience.

    Add a false video player
    The idea is simple! Add a screen capture of your video in your email and include a false “PLAY” button to give the impression of a real video player. When your subscribers click on the button, they will be redirected towards the webpage where your video is hosted. Using this method will not only enable you to get round the barriers to reading emails but will also increase your rate of clicks.

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  • Surprise your readers

    In order to increase your opening rate and encourage people to read your emails, think differently and surprise your readers !

    Really work on the subject of your emails
    This is the first thing the internet user will read! The objective is therefore to grab his attention and prompt him to open your email. Use your imagination and give it an air of mystery !

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    43%* of internet users declare that they have made purchases on an e-commerce website after receiving a marketing email.
    Here are 5 mistakes which must be avoided in order to optimize your opening rate !

    Do not use your own e-mail system.
    Outlook, Hotmail and Gmail software is not adapted to mass mailing programs. Moreover, it does not enable you to assess the performances of your campaigns – such as opening rates and click rates, etc… Thus, you will not be able to optimize your campaigns without this type of data. You also run a high risk ending up in the spam or being blocked by Internet Access Providers.

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Ultra-qualified targeted
and segmented databases
and a powerful video
network !

Our objectives ?

To use solid and effective databases to instantly issue a commercial, targeted and personalized message.

To enhance the image of advertisers by broadcasting their video campaigns on a quality network with 100% efficiency.

We define your campaign objectives together in order to produce the best possible results.

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